biography of Arfa Karim 


Arfa Abdul Karim was born in 20 2 February 1995 both a Pakistani student and computer specialist who became the youngest Microsoft certified professional and CP in 2004 she was submit our genuine sports of world records and make his record in Guinness Book of World Record for her achievement in randhawa kept in a little until 2008 and want a President Pakistan on various International formats including that tech at develop confirm Asians and she received the president award from the pride of the performance by General Pervez Musharraf in 2005 as find part in Lahore the apha software technology park was named his her honour when she was 10 Arfa Karim invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft headquarter in the United State and she died on 14 January 2012 at the age of 16 from  cancer Bill Gates meet Arfa Karim and give him the certification certificate from mricro software company that our factory is certified by the Microsoft company and tech BB company Arfa Karim pose very high tech in Computer technology in 2004 he was only 6 year old and he start coding of of JavaScript and he also start HTML coding at the age of 4 he was very intelligent girl when she was 7 year old interview in the Pakistan Pakistan television he say that I am trying to make artificial intelligence on that time it is big thing that he was thinking about this on that time Arfa Karim has big  dreams but cancer kill   Arfa Karim. 


Early life of Arfa Karim

arfa karim

Arfa Karim was born in in 2 February 1995 in a very happy and good family is family is a Punjabi family Jet family from the village of chapter number 4 Run Dilwale in Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan there is a very good environment Arfa Karim is now famous in Faisalabad Punjab and check number 4 is now famous that are that was live there and many shops and many shopping malls are are named are for curing shopping mall Arfa Karim Shopping Centre.


Career of Arfa Karim

arfa karim

 when our cream was introduced in Pakistan after running to the Pakistan from a visit from Microsoft headquarter Aakhri in gave a televisions and number of the interviews in newspapers television and much more the vice president of Micro software development division wrote about her in his blog on 2 August 2005 our fun David was president in Fatima Jinnah gold medal in the field of science and technology by the Prime Minister of the Pakistan Shaukat Aziz at the 113 anniversary of Fatima Jinnah birthday she also receive the Salam Pakistan youth award in August 2005 from the president of the Pakistan aapane bhi receive the president award for the pride of the performance in 2005 as possible about use legion to the people who showed excellence in there is currently filled over a long period of a time she is a youngest station of these award she was made the bright bride when Avenger of Pakistan telecom companies and 3G wireless branded service in January 2010 after the is he become a superstar of the Pakistan and very companies are try to make his a brand ambassador and they want to make their brand famous and they are try to construct of Arfa Karim and our cream also tried to help their people and help Pakistan and  and in the year of 2012 in Arfa Karim has been that due to the cancer cancer last stage and aka cream was dead on 14 January 2012


Death of Arfa Karim


when our Arfa Karim was getting awards and famous it is very very in 20 are fun David was studying at the Lahore Grammar School and campus in the second year of a levels on 22 December 2011 she replied as the conferred appeared after the tested the damage hair brain and was attend the at the Lahore campaigning metallurgy military hospital in the central condition and the doctor said that it has very critical condition on 9 January 2012 Bill Gates chairman of the Microsoft contact the Karim parents and direct hair doctor to dope every kind of milk sure for her treatment Bill Gates get set up a special plan for international Doctor Who remained in the contract with her local doctor through the telephones the plane assistant in the damages and cheering is lines and local doctor dismissed the option of the moving of an update to the other Hospital due to her being on other Hospital critical condition member of the her family have landed Bill Gates for offering to their heart treatment expensive on the 13 January 2012 aapane be start to improve and some part of her brain show signs of improvement her father Amjad Abdul Karim and said that Microsoft had they released the police duty of flying her to USA for the care repeat that at hospital in Lahore on 14 January 2012 age 16 her family were very emotional for that and the chief minister of the Punjab Shiva Shiva Shiva xbeauty in the history Chowk number 4 Dilwalei Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan


Arfa Karim software technology park 

arfa karim

Aapa software technology park is a very famous park in the Pakistan which is located in Lahore Alpha software technology park is in the country largest information and information technology par located in Lahore the 17 storage building is the first international and Technology building which age facilities in Pakistan the project started under the name of law technology park become the name the and renamed as Arfa Karim software technology park by Chief Minister of the Punjab Shahbaz Sharif in the owner of Arfa Karim on the 15 January 2012 by Shahbaz Sharif Shahbaz Sharif  the chief minister of the Punjab he announced that our Karim is very intelligent and in the order of that we are renaming done Lahore Park technology and software park to Arfa Karim soften and Technology Park 


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