Biography of cengiz coşkun

Cengiz coşkun is a very famous actor in ertugrul ghazi and other Dramas Cengiz coşkun is very famous for his acting and Cengiz coşkun as playing the role of ALP he is famous for his acting in Ertiga drama and performing his acting with the exa Cengiz coşkun  is very fantastic Cengiz coşkun is wearing your job is very good and Cengiz coşkun was born on 29 April 1982 Cengiz coşkun was born in Europe country after some real living there when Cengiz coşkun was 16 years old he comes to Asia and leave in Turkey and start his acting career people think that but it is not who first of all he was a sportsman and a basketball champion he was a very fantastic  basketball player he started his career in 2005

As a sportsman playing basketball and he also plays in the National basketball championship and also in international teams hi then he start the career in Modelling and hi start modeling please start talking and become a very famous model because of that he was tall and strong and many books also wrote on it the famous book which is written on it is Iron Man in this book page cover his picture is paste these magazines are very famous in Turkey he is main leading character play in the ethical drama

cengiz coşkun

which is very famous in Pakistan India Turkey and Asian and European countries  and many other countries hi play the r role of article best friend Turgut ALP was a very famous character in the history  Cengiz coşkun play very well the role of  Turgut ALP in the drama and he also trained himself to be like  Turgut ALP in the interview he said that he practices 6 months on horse riding to be performed better as Turgut ALP in the drama  and he also plays role in many magazines Dramas film  and much more Cengiz coşkun is also shown me a film or we can say it short drama

which is  Fateh Fateh is very famous drama of hi he was very famous from this drama and get role in  then cengiz coşkunhe start his career of acting at make many many famous Dramas and film and magazines and he was a sportsman and he was a model and start acting and modelling he make his career very fantastic excellent he is a Muslim He belong to Islamic region he is a Muslim and people of the Pakistan are big fan of  turgut ALP he play very well the role of ALP in the drama and the people of the Pakistan are are big fan of these and their are waiting for he that he come to Pakistan and meet their fans and he also so say in a video message that he will come to Pakistan when the covid-19 virus issue was Gond he say I am waiting for that moment when I come to Pakistan and in the interview of Waseem Badami and Shahid Khan Afridi please say that I will come to Pakistan and say to Shahid Khan Afridi TET cengiz coşkun Say  Lala I will come to Pakistan and you will teach me how to play cricket and then Shahid Khan Afridi say that I teach to cricket how to play cricket and you teach me that how you can use your exa cengiz coşkun  also wish Pakistani people for the IIT and Waseem Badami and Shahid Khan Afridi also wish to cengiz coşkun in in Turkish language and he wished to the Pakistani people and Shahid Khan Afridi and Waseem Badami in Urdu language the national language of the Pakistan


Career of Cengiz coşkun

cengiz coşkun

He started playing basketball within the primary years of lyceum, then won Ülkerspor’s auditions. He played there for 11 years, then transferred to Erdemir Ereğli Spor where he remained for 2 years. Then he played for 1 year at Balıkesir DSİ Spor. In 2008, he graduated from Marmara University, a sports department.


During this time Cengiz Coşkun also started modeling. Cengiz coşkun began his appearing and modeling profession after a successful modeling contest in 2002, which was held in London. In 2005, Cengiz coşkun started acting with the series Rüzgarlı Bahçe. After starting acting, he got training from Şahika Tekand and joined her workshops. Later, he appeared within the series Candan Öte (2006), Doktorlar (2007), and Hicran Yarası (2009).

cengiz coşkun

Cengiz coşkun made his film debut within the Fetih 1453 (2012) and appeared as Giovanni Giustiniani. it’s said he didn’t get the foremost role because the Sultan as his eyes were blue. He competed within the truth show Survivor: Ünlüler vs. Gönüllüler 3 (2013) and Cengiz coşkun was eliminated on the 94th day. He played the Turgut Alp character within the Ertuğrul (2014). In 2020, Cengiz coşkun appeared in the film Malazgirt 1074 in the lead role of Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan.


Height, Weight & Physical Stats

cengiz coşkun

Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) WEIGHT: 75 kg (165 lbs) CHEST:42 inches WAIST:32 inches BICEPS: 16 inches BODY TYPE: Slim HAIR COLOR: Beard EYE COLOR: Green

Cengiz coşkun Instagram


Cengiz coşkun was a model and Cengiz coşkun best actor and footballer and Cengiz coşkun sportsman and basketball Championship Cengiz coşkun has an Instagram and upload is new picture and videos on Instagram you can easily check on the date and give the dates and much more of hiscengiz coşkun Dramas and movies which are releasing he is a very responsible and replying your person on Instagram hi reply his fans on Instagram please Instagram is official and Cengiz coşkun used himself not a manager or a social network operator Cengiz coşkun used it use itself and reply its fan fast


Cengiz coşkun Marital Status

cengiz coşkun

He is a single and the age of 40 he also knows that he never get marriage should be it has been love from other in the interview with the Shahid Khan Afridi and Waseem Badami he said that he is in a relationship with a girl that why he cannot accept other girls marriage proposal when Shahid Afridi Khan said that girls are you giving you marriage proposal so then he said that I am in a relationship

coşkun movies and tv shows

  1. ertugrul ghazi
  2. Faith
  3. the mountain
  4. Drawers
  5.  Nehir
  6. ruzgarli bahce
  7. candan ote 
  8. doktorlar 


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